Friday, 29 September 2017

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party

Some policies may be true, but will just lie. I believe that nz first is best, BUT, I might be wrong. I’m going to talk about two of nz first’s policies about the environment and one policy I believe is bad. The policies are to clean urban waterways(#1), ending the use of 1080 poison (#2) and another party that wants to abolish national standards. And without further ado, I will now explain some of the true and bad policies.

One of nz first’s policies for the environment is to clean up urban waterways. What the party means, is that it will try to clean the cities’ rivers and waterways and strip them of pollution, and it will bring back all the native fish that used to live there and they will repopulate the rivers and waterways to their former glory! Plus, the rivers and waterways will make the cities look a lot nicer and it will be safer for pedestrians if they accidentally fall into a river because there won’t be any sharp things (like glass and broken metal.) so that’s about it with the first policy, so let’s get on with the second policy

END THE USE OF 1080 POISON(number two)
This policy is about ending the use of 1080 poison and start funding for alternatives. 1080 poison is (obviously) a type of poison that pest control uses to eradicate pests( stoats, weasels, etc.), unfortunately, it also pollutes the rivers of nz, destroys the environment, kills livestock(such as cows, sheep, etc.) and kills pets(dogs, cats, etc.,) and because it pollutes rivers, it’s a hazard to people and animals alike. So what nz first is would try to fund for a search of alternatives that won’t cause danger to the environment. It might also be cheaper getting the alternatives, making it possible for more money to go to charity. That’s it for the ending the use of 1080 poison, so now i’m going to talk about a policy I don’t like.

I’m not really on board with abolishing national standards. Sure, it’s probably the only reason a kid will vote for that party, since it’s just about every kids dream. This policy, like I said in the first sentence, is a really bad one and it doesn’t have a good ending, either. If the party abolishes national standards, it could make a major catastrophe, parents won’t know how well their child(ren) at school, it would be parents asking themselves “what‘s (are) our child(ren) good at?” and “will he get a good job?” they don’t know because there will be no national standards.Without  national standards, it could lower the chances of getting a good job, aka a dream job, which could make them very sad and frustrated.So these are the reasons why it’s such a terrible policy, because it will make child(ren) lower the chance of any type of a good job and it will make them dumber, so if you want to improve your childs’ education, cross that party of your list! So that’s the end of that, we can start wrapping it up.

So there you have it, this is why I think nz first is the best to vote for. Because I know that it will try its’ best.I have talked about what nz first will try to do, and the cleanup of urban waterwaysare only the beginning.So who will you go for,nz first or something else? ‘Cause I’m voting for nz first, the best!

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